Best of 2011

I haven’t posted a real wedding for a while, this year was not only busy, it was a whirlwind of the best kind. The year ended and a new year has begun – it’s time to do it all again! 
I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments from the weddings we covered in 2011. Some of the photos from this past year are fun, some are pretty, some are elegant, while some take your breath away. I love photographing weddings because my subjects give me so much. It’s amazing how much there is to photograph at a wedding, the obvious and the not so obvious – all waiting and wanting to be recorded. It’s good to reflect on the year and put my favorite images together in one place. 
Thank you to all my couples who decided to work with me! Thank you to Frank for going to all the weddings with me and for all his love and support.  
These photos are an edited selection from the 2011 season and were shot with a combination of film and digital cameras. Please enjoy the photographs and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you. 
Here we go!