Best of 2013

As a photographer I’m hired with the expectation of great photography. When I see a moment in front of me that’s perfect, full of grace, poise, light and love, and I capture it photographically, then I have, in essence, done my job. But my job is no ordinary job, it’s kind of extraordinary. I have creative freedom, (which I adore), I get to work with amazing couples who love what I do, and at the same time, I get to create poignant, timeless imagery.
I like to think of myself as a studious photographer and that the images I create are quiet studies of a greater picture, that singular images, though complete in themselves, work together to tell the whole story.
Although we’ve already jumped into 2014 with both feet, I like to think of this post, my third of it’s kind, as a perfect time to take stock and reflect on the past year. It’s with great pleasure I share my year end edit of my favorite wedding photographs of the past season. 
I’d like to take a moment to thank the couples who worked with me, the wedding planners who believe in me, and the florists and designers who create such beauty. I’d also like to thank Frank, my husband and business partner, who takes the most amazing photographs. This year, Frank and I celebrated our 5th year of marriage and our 15th year of working together, it’s been the best journey ever.
Most of these images were shot with film with the Hasselblad, Contax 645 and the Widelux, with Kodak Portra, Tri-X or Ilford Delta film, while a few were shot digitally with the Canon D5 Mark lll. 
I hope you enjoy my work. All the best from Karen Hill Photography! 
We hope to see you in 2014!