Holga, Inspiration!

Dear Holga,
Admittedly, I’m a little obsessed with you. I’ve been shooting with you for years and I love your quirky style. Your little plastic, medium format film camera body and lens delivers little vignettes full of surprises that always make me smile. Is that a little smile I see smiling back at me? Holga? 
I recently learned that you’re being discontinued and my heart hurts for you. So sad. So I wanted to send you a little love note to say thank you Holga. You are quirky and seriously flawed in the very best way, you are charming and your images are always unique, romantic, soft and beautiful. You had me at hello. 
I get you Holga and I think you get me too. But don’t worry, I bought a few of you so I should be ok.
Very truly yours,
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What’s a Holga?
The Holga is a plastic camera with a plastic lens and one exposure, f8 at a 60th of a second. This camera loves light (as much as I do!). It shoots a square 6×6 medium format negative, with 12 exposures per roll of 120 film. Since the lens is plastic, two things happen when you shoot with it, first, the plastic lens makes the image a bit blurry and secondly, when light hits the lens, it causes refraction. Refraction essentially means that when light hits the lens, the light wave is changed and causes light to record in the most curious ways. I find this “accidental light” rendering to be lovely, quirky, dreamy and poignant. The images look like they were shot 100 years ago!
Let me know what you think of the my Holga images. Go buy a Holga before it’s too late and go out and shoot some film!