Rendezvous Retreat
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
We were 14 Photographers (and 1 Editor!) for an amazing gathering of women photographers who also shoot with film. 
I’ve never been to Jackson Hole and have never seen light quit like it! Our group bonded over photography, the location and each others company. 
I brought three cameras with me, the Contax 645, the Widelux and my brand new Fujifilm x100T, (a little digital point and shoot work horse that made shooting constantly pretty fun)! In our wanderings, I asked strangers and ranch hands to please take a photo with my camera(s), (here’s how you hold the Widelux, keep your fingers behind the body or they’ll be in the photo!). So thanks to all the strangers who took photos for me, so happy I could be in a few of them too! The last set were shot at sunrise on my way to the airport, hopefully they’re a little poetic. It was hard to leave.
A great big thank you to Carrie Patterson Schrauder, Kate Headley and Christina McNeill for putting this retreat together! Also a big thank you to Turpin Meadow Ranch and all our incredible sponsors including Fuji film, in which most of these images were shot and Fast Foto for the awesome scans! 
We had a blast! 
You can see more on FB and on IG at this hashtag, #rendezvousJH
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