Wanderlust, 8th Anniversary Trip, Washington DC

My hometown is Washington DC. 
I’ve been back to the area many times but not as a “tourist”. On this trip, for our 8th wedding anniversary, Frank and I viewed the monuments, including the newest one of Martin Luther King, Jr. We toured the Tidal Basin, the White House, the Capital, Arlington Cemetery, Iwo Jima and the Washington Monument, along with all the other tourists. On this trip, we wanted to ponder our democracy, where to some degree, we felt we have taken or freedom for granted. It was a trip of a lifetime, grounding, clarifying and inspirational. It seems fitting to post this iconic imagery on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday.
I took a few photos on our trip which I wanted to share here. 95% of these are film images with just a few shot with a FujiFilm xT10. I shot the film images with the Rollei, a Contax 645 and the Horizon, which is a panoramic 35mm camera loaned to me by Lomography to try out, (loved!). The film images were shot with Kodak film and processed by Indie Film Lab. Next time, I’ll bring a selfie stick too, promise.
Good morning DC, it’s good to see you!